Ductless Air Conditioning

Today’s ductless air conditioning systems work quietly, efficiently, and effectively to help you make the most of your space. Freedom Ductless has the energy-efficient ductless mini-splits you need for your add-on or that space that’s hard to heat or cool. These units can be used singly or set up for zoned coverage in multiple rooms. Ductless climate control could be the answer for your remodeled space, older building or new construction project.

About Ductless Air Conditioning

Many people don’t realize the benefits of ductless climate control systems. These products are ideal for spaces where ducting doesn’t make financial or structural sense. Ductless AC Units operate more efficiently than ducted systems and don't take up all of the space that a window-mounted unit does. The installation process minimizes the risk of air leaks and security issues associated with window units. We can free your home from bulky, leaky ducts, inefficient and ugly window air conditioning units, and give you the Freedom to live your best life.


Here are some great reasons to consider a ductless AC system for your space:

One-Day Installation

Flexibility - Single or Multiple Rooms

Great for Additions or Converted Spaces

Remote Control for Easy Adjustments

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Advanced Allergen Filters

Multi-Speed Temperature Control

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5 Star service

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Trade your Heating & Cooling Hassles for the Freedom to be YOU.

Maintaining a Ductless AC Unit

Ductless systems consist of an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor blower. The system benefits from annual preventive maintenance but requires little else to keep it going. However, you will need to wash or replace the air and allergen filters monthly or as directed. Ductless products are more sensitive to clogged filters than their traditional centralized systems since blocking the airflow can overtax the unit and lead to a breakdown. Freedom Ductless can explain the ongoing requirements for regular maintenance to protect your unit and maximize its efficiency and its operating life.

Go Ductless and Feel the Freedom!

Expert installation is critical to long-term satisfaction with ductless mini-splits. Our factory-trained ductless ac specialist will ask about your needs and evaluate the space before making a recommendation. We'll show you how going ductless could be the right choice for your older building, converted garage, or new home in Durango, Bayfield, Ignacio or Mancos, Colorado. Contact us today for a free consultation. We have the right solutions!

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